Within the BLUEAIR project, the partners organized a project meeting on October 26th 2022, in Agios Nikolaos, Crete. The meeting was an opportunity for the project partners to discuss the overall progress of thematic work packages, and to plan further project activities.

During the meeting, project partners whom are leaders of the work packages presented the progress of activities for each WP. In accordance with the stated, Mr Petar Medica, representative of the project partner Technology Park Ljubljana Ltd. presented the progress of activities within the work package T1 Mutual learning, good practices exchange and networking, plan for further activities, and dynamics of the implementation of planned activities. Additionally, Mrs. Lila Perra, representative of the project partner University of Pireus presented the status of White Paper within WPT1, related to regional and cross-regional challenges and opportunities.

In accordance with the activities within the work package T2 Blue growth smart strategy development, Mr Christian Springer, representative of project partner The Croatian Chamber of Economy provided to the partners an update of the ongoing activities of the WP T2, finished tasks, and presented the progress of Plot EDP for Blue Growth, and EDP platform.

Additionally to that, during the project meeting, partners leaded by representatives of AREA Science Park, and with support of the representatives of National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation, also discussed about the ongoing activities within the work package T3 Capitalization, and discussed about the upcoming local and technical events, and planned 2nd Blue Growth Week.

Furthermore, during the project meeting, representative of IEC Tehnopolis, Mrs Miljana Pekovic presented overall progress of activities related to the work package Communication and dissemination activities, planned activities such as story-telling videos, Blue book, as well as future project video, and main promotional activities which will be in accordance with the other project activities, due to its promotions.

Additionally to the stated, the representative of AREA Science Park, Mrs Vanessa Sanson, presented the overview of the all activities related to the work package Management, as well as plan for further activities within the stated work package.

The BLUEAIR project aims to improve the institutional capacities of ADRION countries in the area of ​​joint implementation of the Smart Specialization Strategy (S3) in the area of ​​blue growth at the international level. It is planned through the improvement of institutional capacity to achieve direct influence on administrative capacity, development of innovations and economic model, as well as assistance in the transition to policies based on knowledge and innovation.

The BLUEAIR project is funded through the ADRION program and 12 partners from EU and IPA countries are involved in its implementation.