Within the Activity AT2.3 Innovation strategy and Action plan for innovation investment in Blue growth Croatian Chamber of Economy created D.T.2.3.2. Pilot EDP for Blue Growth.

The entrepreneurial discovery process (EDP) is an inclusive and interactive bottom-up process in which quadruple helix participants from different environments are discovering and producing information about potential new activities, identifying opportunities potentially rich in feasible and attractive innovations that emerge through this interaction, while policymakers assess outcomes and ways to facilitate the realization of this potential. Traditional EDP surveys are usually aimed at wide S3 thematic priorities, consisting of wide array of thematic areas on socio-economic, technological and R&D&I topics. On the other hand, macro-regional Blue Growth EDP survey intends to be narrowly focused on thematic modules specific for BG domains in ADRION macro-regional area. To identify such opportunities for Blue Growth in ADRION, the specific BG-EDP Tool (project deliverable T2.2.2.) has been developed to support an effective EDP process. Within the BG-EDP Tool methodology, a BG-EDP survey was created in form of a specific online modular multilingual survey executed in nine project partners’ regions/countries. The document – Pilot EDP for Blue Growth, presents results of analysis and findings of implemented Pilot EDP exercises in 9 different administrations.

Document is structured into several parts. Introductory part gives an overview of the Pilot EDP rationale, activity implementation, survey structure, platform and methodology. Main part of the document represents macro-regional ADRION aspects and results, followed by survey findings. Annex A holds collection of surveyed entities data representing results in a form of graphs and charts for individual countries/regions based on topics from the BG-EDP survey. Annex B contain data on frequencies and statistical descriptions (including averages, percentages and standard deviations) obtained as export report from the BG-EDP platform.

Further details on D.T.2.3.2. Pilot EDP for Blue Growth can be found on following link.

The BlueAir project is financed under the Interreg ADRION program, which is funded by the European Regional Development Fund and the IPA II Fund.